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COMD Book Club

Mission Statement:

We are graduate students with a passion for the field of Speech-Language Pathology. We hope that by creating this book club, we will create new opportunities for other COMD students who are looking to deepen their understanding of the field through literature. We will be a student-led group that meets once a month to discuss books and brief excerpts centered around communication disorders. Our goal is to facilitate informal conversation-based meetings to discuss our thoughts on the readings, and questions we may have about the book. We are aiming to have a diverse group of participants— CSULA COMD students and professors will all be welcomed.


*Our continued thanks to Professor Julia Nicholls for being part of COMD Book Club and providing us all with invaluable professional opinions and guidance*


  • Help students gain a deeper understanding of the client’s/family perspectives

    • (EBP: integration of clinical expertise/expert opinion, external scientific
      evidence, client/family values and perspectives)- we are LUCKY that our CSULA COMD department emphasizes the role of counseling and the importance of client/family perspectives in providing effective treatment- as you will learn in your Aural Rehab & Psychosocial Considerations courses, as well as supporting research- practicing SLP’s and AuD’s are noble for their disregard of this critical element due to lack of training provided in undergrad/grad programs. According to ASHA standards, informed clinical decisions are driven by evidence-based practice. But how can we make these decisions if we are missing one of the three critical elements which comprise EBP?

  • Allow students the opportunity to play an active role in selecting their reading material- decisions are made collectively

  • Encourage advocacy and promote awareness

  • Create a space for students to feel empowered

  • Facilitate a safe space to network with like-minded peers and build

  • Unique addition to your growing resume

  • Provide COMD students with the opportunity to be involved in
    extracurriculars and gain NSSLHA points (*NSSLHA members receive 5 points for each meeting attended)

  • Be accommodating to the understandably busy schedules of college

  • This is NOT a class- our goal is to have FUN while learning through
    a different lens

Interested in joining COMD Book Club

or want more information?


Next COMD Book Club Meeting:

Thursday, April 8, 6:30 pm

COMD Book Club Meeting.png
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