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ASHFoundation Virtual 5k Walk/Run



The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) is excited to share some fun news. On Saturday, August 27, 2022 the ASHFoundation is hosting its third annual virtual 5k walk/run race.


What’s a virtual walk/run race? It’s a real 3.1 mile walk or run that you can do whenever and wherever you want on the day of the race - Saturday, August 27, 2022. It can be completed inside on a track or treadmill or outside in your neighborhood. You can walk or run with friends, family members, work colleagues or by yourself, any time of day. It’s all about supporting the ASHFoundation and having lots of fun and laughter along the way.


To participate, all you have to do is sign up! The cost of the event is $40.00 per registrant and includes a new 2022 official race T-shirt and an exclusive race bib. Doggie bandanas are available for $10.00 each if you'd like to walk/run with your furry friends.  All proceeds from your race registration go directly to ASHFoundation funding programs supporting students, researchers and clinicians in the communication sciences.

Don’t wait - race to sign up and receive your T-shirt (free) and exclusive race bib while supplies last. Please note: the last day to register to ensure you receive your t-shirt in time is 8/15/2022. 

Can’t make the event, or unable to participate? You can still donate to the race via the ASHFoundation website and/or cheer on the ASHFoundation and our walkers or runners via social media. We’re asking all participants again to take pictures on race day to share their virtual racing experience #ASHFoundation5k. We’ll also post the list of all finishers on the ASHFoundation website to celebrate their accomplishments.

Cal State LA NSSLHA Team

Important Details about the event:

  • When: Saturday, August 27, 2022 

  • How to Participate: You have two options…


  • Option 1: GROUP - Cal State LA NSSLHA will be hosting an in-person 5k Walk/Run at the Rose Bowl

    • Cal State LA NSSLHA requires an additional registration if you are going in person (here).

    • Event Details:

      • When: Saturday, August 27th @ 8:00 A.M.

      • Where to meet up: Between Jackie Robinson Baseball Stadium and Kidspace Museum. Park in Lot I at the Rose Bowl.

    • Event Schedule

      • 8:00- 8:30 A.M. - Arrival/Check-in

      • 8:30 A.M. - In-person 5k starts

      • 9:30 A.M. - In-person 5k ends

      • 9:30- 10:00 A.M. - Pictures/Snacks/Refreshments/Music

      • 10:00 A.M. - Clean-up

  • Option 2: INDIVIDUALLY- Any walking or running exercise that you can do whenever and where you want the day of the race

    • Show off your virtual 5k by tagging @csula_nsslha and @ashaweb on Instagram


  • The cost of the event is $40.00 per registrant and includes a new 2022 official race T-shirt and an exclusive race bib.

    • The last day to register to ensure you receive your t-shirt in time is 8/15/2022. 


  • Proceeds go directly to ASHFoundation funding programs which support research grants, student scholarships, and clinical achievement awards.


  • Registration Deadline:

    • Cal State LA NSSLHA in-person walk google form - Aug 25th at 8:59 P.M. (PT)

    • ASHFoundation - Aug 26th at 11:59 P.M. (EDT)

  • NSSLHA Points*

    • ASHFoundation registration = 20 pts

    • Virtual + IG tag = 5pts**

    • Rose Bowl = 10pts

*You must be a registered Cal State LA NSSLHA member to receive points for this event. Please make sure that you have paid your NSSLHA dues for the 2022-2023 Academic year or for the Fall 2022 semester.

**This only applies if you are not participating in the in-person 5k Walk/Run

  • How do I become a Cal State LA NSSLHA member?
    Please navigate to the membership page and submit the membership form to become a member of NSSLHA at Cal State LA.
  • What are the benefits of being a member?
    There are many benefits to being a member. Cal State LA NSSLHA members get the opportunity to connect and network with peers, mentors, and other professionals. In addition, resources about the field of speech-language pathology are provided to members through events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and more. Please refer to this page to learn more!
  • How much does it cost to be a member? How can I pay membership dues?
    For each semester, membership dues are $20. For instructions to pay membership dues, please fill out the membership form here. If you have submitted it but still have not received instructions on how to pay membership dues, please email us at
  • How many points do I need to be an active member?
    In order to be an active member, you must earn a minimum of 75 points throughout the semester.
  • How can I earn points?
    There are many ways to earn points! Please refer to the upcoming events and calendar page for updated information on upcoming events and opportunities. After attending every event or after completing every activity, please fill out the Attendance Form to ensure that your points are given to you appropriately.
  • How can I track my points?
    After you pay your membership dues, please click here to create an account to be added to member-access pages. You will be directed here to sign up. After you sign-up and have paid your membership dues, please wait 3-4 business days for your account to be approved. Once you have been approved, you will be able to track your points by accessing the Track Your Points (Member Access Only) page. If you come across any problems, plesae email us at **Remember, in order to ensure your points are given to you, please make sure to submit the Attendance Formafter attending every event or after completing every activity. After you submit this form, please wait 3-4 business days for your points to be updated.
  • I submitted the Attendance Form, but my points are still not updated. What should I do?"
    If you have completed the steps to receive points by filling out the Attendance Form, but your points are still not updated within 3-4 business days, please email us at We apologize if we may have overlooked your submission.
  • Do I have to attend all the meetings?
    No, you do not. Meetings are held throughout the semester to give students opportunities to earn points, connect with their peers, and grow in their understanding of the field. We understand that being a student is busy, but we'd love for you to attend as many meetings as possible!
  • How do I earn a graduation gift?
    Members who have achieved an active member status for at least two (2) semesters are awarded a graduation gift. This includes cords for undergraduate members. If you have graduated in the fall semester or are graduating in the spring semester, please fill out the graduation gift form.
  • Is National NSSLHA and Cal State LA NSSLHA the same membership?
    No. National NSSLHA is NSSLHA on the national level and Cal State LA NSSLHA is an independently operated chapter by our very own CSULA students. National NSSLHA membership costs $60. Signing up for National NSSLHA membership does not make you a membership of Cal State LA NSSLHA. Likewise, signing up for Cal State LA NSSLHA does not make you a member of National NSSLHA. Both must be registered separately, and we encourage you do to so (there are many benefits)! You may find more information about National NSSLHA at *If you choose to join National NSSLHA, please submit an Attendance Form and attach your receipt to receive 40 points.
  • How can I order merchandise?
    Please visit the merchandise page for the order form.
  • Who can I contact if I have further unanswered questions?
    Please feel free to reach out to us at We are happy to answer your questions!
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