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The Cal State LA NSSLHA Tutoring Program is looking for volunteer tutors for Spring 2021! Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

Tutor applications open from 1/11 to 2/15.


The parent awareness outreach program is devoted to providing families in low-income areas information regarding communication disorders, their right to service, and possible strategies they could use at home.

The aim of this program is to provide parents with the information needed to help their children succeed with the resources they deserve. Also, this program will help undergraduates with increasing their experiences in educating parents, leading presentations, and collaborating with professionals.

Volunteer with the Parent Awareness Program!

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities
(non-Cal State LA affiliated)

Below you will find a list of volunteering opportunities that have been compiled for your benefit. Please note that these are not ranked in any particular order. We are also not affiliated with any of these sites; please be careful when giving out any personal information. If you complete any volunteering, please fill out the attendance and points form. Three (3) points will be awarded for participating in any of these opportunities listed below!

  • Participate in a research study!

    • The first survey will ask students who do not speak a second language (monolingual link survey) about how they perceive SLPs and SLP students who speak English with a non-native accent. The second survey is directed towards students who speak English with a non-native accent or speak English as a second language (bilingual link survey). Students will be asked to answer questions about what type of supports they receive and share some of their experiences. The survey will take about 20 minutes. All survey data will be reported anonymously. Please feel to contact me at or Lori Heisler, Ph.D., CCC-SLP at with any questions or concerns. Your participation in this study is sincerely appreciated.


  • BECOME A VOCALiD Voice Ambassador

    • Help to bring personalized voices to people with speech impediments or who have lost their voice, VocaliD is aimed at designing personalized synthetic voices so that people with severe speech impairments can use a voice that fits their body and personality. Share your voice and help drive innovation in voice technology through VocaliD.


  • BookShare.Org offers thousands of books to people with reading disabilities. As an online volunteer, you may either scan books that will be added to their collection or edit books that have already been scanned.

  • Learning Ally. Many audiobooks are created with text-to-speech software that scans text from computer files and uses synthesized human voices to read the text aloud. However, illustrations or figures used throughout the books are not included. Online volunteers type those figure descriptions into the text, enabling students to receive ALL book material, not just the text.

  • PA eMentoring is seeking working and retired adults, parents, and mature college students, ready to volunteer 15 minutes per week from your computer as online mentors for teens and young adults. Must be willing to write about and share your own "college" and career story.

  • TutorMate is an online volunteer program designed to support literacy learning in grade one classrooms. The program uses interactive technology to create an integrated online experience that connects corporate volunteers and first-grade students. During weekly tutoring sessions, the tutor and student work on activities that foster fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. 


  • For those fluent in more than one language, you could volunteer for Translators without Borders, a nonprofit that combines language skills with humanitarian aid, translating for international organizations that focus on education.


  • Get involved in STEP – Student to Empowered Professional Mentoring Program, which is a virtual mentoring community developed for under-represented populations in communication sciences and disorders

  • Use the Charity Miles app to walk for a cause—6 feet apart from others, of course. Even if you don't have donors, the app's sponsors will pay 25 cents per mile for your daily walk.


And some more ideas!

  • Participate in a talk-a-thon to benefit individuals with communication disorders.

  • Email encouraging notes to CSULA's clinic clients or contact a skilled nursing facility to see if they'd like to receive letters and videos for residents.

  • Check out Zooniverse for an ever-evolving list of research projects for virtual volunteers

  • Volunteer to serve on a Committee, Board, Working Group, etc. related to ASHA, NSSLHA, or Speech-Language-Hearing facilities

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